What You Can Do to Help

The College Admissions Scandal impacts millions of U.S. actual and prospective college students and their parents, and the impact is readily seen as a threat to good employment and high income.

If you lived in a community with the three reforms (free broadband, free unlimited advertising, and free training for $35-$300/hr jobs), you probably would not be concerned about the scandal.

You might also consider it a diversion for others that prevents them from being in competition with you.

I want to implement these three reforms in any municipality in the U.S., with the expectation that the adjacent communities would demand the same reforms, and that in due course the nation's economy would be repaired, from the ground up (instead of from the top down, which we see is not going to happen).

I want you to know that I am not seeking and will not accept any compensation for my services. It is not that I would not like to make money. It is that I need to demonstrate the strength of my conviction and purpose, so that you and others might be more willing to do what could make your community prosperous (without putting a dime in my pocket).

The country needs these three reforms, and I want to make them happen, but I need help in the communities. I cannot do this alone.

Some state laws make it comparatively easy to have voters enact their own local laws. Other states it may be more difficult or perhaps impossible. I will help you (without any charge for my legal services) decide what to do as to enacting the three needed reforms.

Please contact me for further information.

Carl E. Person

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