Being the EDUCATION CAPITAL is Up for Grabs by Any City or Town in the U.S.

There is an immediate need to train 10,000,000 students to be the Assistant to the Owner of a Small Business.

The largest university in the U.S., the University of Central Florida, has only 66,183 students (Fall 2017). With its main campus in Orlando, it has 10 other campuses in Florida and many others outside of Florida.

The number of trained Assistants needed right now, by the nation's 27,500,000 small businesses, is more than 150 times the number of students enrolled in the University of Central Florida.

Any community that undertakes successfully to train students for jobs paying $35 to $300 per hour, particularly in a 1-year, 500-hour program, is going to have a huge demand for enrollment, and should plan to absorb this demand and become the Education Capital of the United States.

Most of the graduates will go back to their own communities throughout the U.S. But there will be a huge number of jobs created in the Education Capital to service the educational system that will have to be created. Accordingly, we are dealing with a massive education problem that may be solved, somewhat accidentally, by the first town or city that starts a program to teach students how to be THE Assistant to the Owner of a Small Business. I say "THE Assistant" because any Owner only needs one Assistant and generally would not be able to afford two Assistants.

For years I have tried to get Atlantic City to become the Education Capital (to make use of the 4-5 closed casinos), without any interest whatsoever. I tried perhaps 6 times with a lot of emails to interested persons (politicians, local universities, unions, newspapers, others), a personal visit to the office of the Mayor of Atlantic City, and a website which I wrote for this purpose, AC-Jobs Website. I never received as much as one response to all my efforts. You should look at this website, to see how your community could become the Education Capital of the U.S., and the huge number of jobs that this would create, for your community and for the rest of the country. Remember, we are dealing with the training of 10,000,000 students to become very-highly paid Assistants to the Owners of Small Businesses throughout the U.S.

The tuition revenue for 10,000,000 students, at $2,000 per student, is $20,000,000,000 ($20 billion). The annual budget of Harvard University in 2015 was $4.5 billion. In 2017, Harvard University had 22,917 students.

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