$60,000 in Free

Legal Services

I am doing just about everything I can do to have my 3 proposed reforms enacted into local law in any small community in the U.S., assuming that state law permits voters to enact laws at the local level of government.

The out-of-pocket expenses that I estimate will be needed (as explained in “Cash Needed to Enact 3 Reforms in a Town if Labor is 100% Volunteer” will range from $3,000 to $10,000, and should be able to be obtained through local donations solicited by the Volunteers.

I have prepared a list of legal work that will or may be required to put the 3 petitions on the ballot for local voters to approve or reject, which is what this article is about. I am doing this so that other attorneys may become quickly oriented to the work that is needed, and to demonstrate to you, the prospective Volunteer, that I am willing to make the single largest donation of all, of my time in performing legal services to enable the residents and small businesses of your town to become prosperous (or more prosperous), in a dollar amount that I estimate to be in the range of $20,000 to $60,000, as I set forth below.

Here are the legal services that will or may be needed:

1. Reviewing State law to determine whether the town’s voters have a right to enact these 3 proposed laws through the ballot-initiative, petitioning process.

2. Preparing 3 sets of petitions for registered voters to sign in conformity with the requirements of State law;

3. Assisting Volunteers in qualifying to take the State Notary Public licensing test.

4. Reviewing contracts for short-term rentals of a house for Volunteers to use as their office and for communal living during the few months of Volunteer activity.

5. Providing instruction and materials on how to conduct the petitioning process, and do so lawfully under State law.

6. Reviewing signed petitions for defects and lawfully repairing or disposing of defective petitions.

7. Assemble signed petitions and submit them as required under law.

8. Do 2-7 above as to any follow up (additional petitions) that may be required.

9. Prepare and file a summons and complaint and order to show cause to obtain a court order placing the ballot initiatives on the ballot if the local government refuses to do so.

10. Prepare and file a motion for pro hac vice admission to the bar if the State is not New York (as to the lower court proceedings).

11. Prepare proposed summaries of the ballot initiatives for use on the ballot.

12. Prepare and file a notice of appeal if the lower court rules against the petitions.

13. Prepare a record on appeal.

14. Prepare an opening brief on appeal.

15. Prepare a reply brief on appeal.

16. Prepare a motion for an expedited appeal.

17. Prepare and file a motion for pro hac vice admission to the bar if the State is not New York (as to any appellate court proceedings).

I’m also preparing this as a checklist to be supplemented with any type of legal work or notes or comments to enable me and other attorneys to understand what legal work needs to be done.

Carl E. Person

Revised 3/24/19 5:57 p.m.