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The author of this website is attorney Carl E. Person.

The college admissions scandal is only a diversion.

What is needed is competition in higher education.

I need your help at the lowest level of government, throughout the country, to enact three reforms that should create prosperity for the residents and small businesses in the 1 or more square miles that the reforms would be limited to.

I will receivve no compensation. Instead, I am doing this because this seems to be the best if not (at this time) the only way of stopping the ever-increasing concentration of the U.S. economy.

The way of doing this, I am convinced, is by facilitating small business, so that the benefits of business can be brought back to the middle class.

Please do not jump to the conclusion that I am advocating that everyone either own or be encouraged to start a small business. This would be an economic disaster for everyone involved. What I'm saying is that small business (and there are now 27 million small businesses) represent a major opportunity for creation of at least 10,000,000 jobs (as Assistant to the Owner) paying between $35 and $300 or more per hour, far better compensation than the total opportunities available in big business.

But this requires that small business be more efficient and have more income and profits, to be able to pay the new Assistant employee the high hourly rate.

My proposed 3 reforms would, if they work, accomplish this goal, of making small businesses throughout the U.S., more efficient, with 10,000,000 such jobs waiting for graduates of the vocational program I propose (as one of the 3 reforms).

I am not asking that everyone be a small business person. There is a need for trained individuals (any age, sex, religion, country of origin, etc.) to become the assistant to the owner or manager of a small business, professional firm, non-profit or governmental agency, a position which I know is worth about $35 to $300/hour, depending on the ability of the assistant and the type of entity involved.

So, please contact me if you want help in creating prosperity for your community. If you do not do something, it will only get worse for you and your community. Why not try something different?

Why not help me get voters to enact the laws they need at the local level to create prosperity for their community?

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